Our goal is to reincorporate the human-to-human aspect of the new employment process. We feel that third-party recruiting has become a mass production machine that fails to consider culture, trust, competence, and accuracy. Our mission is to simplify the process of hiring competent people for the right jobs for best production through real relationships. Let us do your leg work, allowing you to reallocate resources to more pressing matters than filtering resumes. Our process is to vet, interview and present you with the best options for your company. Born and raised into the industry, we use our knowledge, network and experience to vet and offer the best possible candidates for your application. We understand the verticals and the laterals between sectors and aim for accuracy the first time and every time.

Owner & President

samantha hartley

My goal for Double Jack is to eliminate the practice of wading through the hundreds of irrelevant resumes that flood your emails as you are working through the hiring process. We have developed a system that narrows your search to just a few qualified individuals. This method is meant to bring back the real interactions that happen during the traditional hiring process, helping you to get to know the people behind the resumes before you bring them into your company. Taking this approach to hiring allows you to build a team that you can trust and helps employees to find homes at companies where they feel valued and want to stay.

Owner & Vice President


My drive in co- founding Double Jack is to re-simplify the convoluted process of organizations trying to hire & talented people trying to find work. Since 2020 the world and our construction industry specifically, have tremendously changed. I think one of the most imperative things we lost during this time is real human to human interaction which we were all built on. Individuals are constantly being hunted by third party recruiters, who know nothing about us, other than our online presence. Companies are flooded by recruiting services that don’t know or understand who you are, what you do nor what you are really looking for in your employment search; all of which come with heavy fee’s, often not resulting in total satisfaction. My goal is to bridge all these gaps and provide our clients with a strong trusted service and a healthy relationship to match.

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