You require a workforce solutions and talent development partner that understands your challenges and delivers solutions customized to your needs. Our services are California based construction industry specific, developing and placing talent across construction and program management, general contractors, sub constructors, and sales divisions. Our bandwidth and diverse networks give us a superior advantage in placing construction talent and we can reliably meet needs for your workforce management solutions.


At Double Jack Industries, we work for you to find the perfect candidates for your workforce. Collaborating with our team brings more power to yours. With our assistance, your leadership can focus on the candidates who fit your needs, instead of wasting time sorting through and vetting individuals to see if they meet your standards.

the double jack process

At Double Jack Industries, our process ensures you find the candidates you need. We know the time-consuming struggle of searching for the right candidate- allow us to take that off your plate, letting you get back to more profitable matters.


We come to you or meet virtually to discuss your company expectations, immediate needs, long term goals, hurdles and struggles. Help us understand your culture, environment, and the type of individuals you would like to grow with.


If you have a current opening you are looking to fill, provide a job description, pay range, benefits package in addition to what type of person will best fit in with your company. Provide any and all information you think we can use to sell your company to the best candidates.


Our team will scout and vet all potential candidates for the job. We use our connections and resources to tap into a network of individuals who have relevant experience, and knowledge, ensuring that they can perform at higher levels for your company.


Your company does final interviews with Double Jack Industries recommended candidates. From there, the choice is yours!

What can we help you with?

At Double Jack Industries, we offer a variety of services to help your business attract the perfect talent to help your company thrive.

Brand Development

Let us help you grow your brand, network and attract higher level talent. Ask yourself: If you were looking for a job, would you pick your company first?

Organization and Efficiency

We are here to help iron out any internal struggles, inefficiencies and problems you may be experiencing. We have over 25 years of combined experience in operational management and process in every field we service. Please contact us directly so we can understand your needs best and devise a plan to effectively overcome your hurdles as fast as possible and get you back to production.

Employee Retention

Having trouble with turn over? Worried your staff may be open to other opportunities? We live in a dog eat dog world anymore, everyone is hunting your staff. Let us help you find innovative ways to help you keep your key players engaged and excited to stay with you.

Additional Services

– Team bonding activities

– Team interviews

– On-site visits

– Undercover visit as new hire

– Job shadowing

– On boarding process reviews

let’s get started

Are you ready to relieve the stress of searching for new employees? Are you ready to take your workforce to the next level? Submit this form and one of our Account Managers will reach out to you. Looking for more information? Contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.