At Double Jack, it’s not just about finding you a job- it’s about finding you the right job. We know that valuable workers like you want more than a job; you want opportunity to advance your career in an environment you thrive in. Technology and innovation have changed the way we move our economy forward, and we want to assist you in the process of growing with these ever changing demands. We help you discover and highlight your top skills and pitch you to the companies that fit your wants and needs.

How do we help you?

Seeking employment through Double Jack is FREE. We understand the added struggle of job hunting while already struggling with wanting to make a move. We are here to simplify this process for you and hopefully help you find a home in the timeliest manner. Of course, we cannot promise we will find you the perfect fit right away but give us an opportunity to help sell your abilities to our network, all with the best intention of placing you where you want and need to be.

the double jack process

At Double Jack Industries, our process ensures simplicity while you find the career right for you.


We will schedule a call to get to know you, collect your work history and learn about your goals for the future. From here, we can help you build or improve your resume, and even offer some interview preparation if you would like. We understand that sometimes putting yourself out there can feel daunting, we are here to help you start this journey as prepared as possible.


Once we have an understanding of what your ideal job is , we will get to work on finding the best companies to meet your goals and expectations. Once we have determined which companies meet your needs, we will get your resume into the right hands. 


Our team will scout and vet all potential career opportunities for you. We use our connections and pipeline to tap into a network of businesses offering positions that meet your goals.


Once we find a position that matches your goals, we arrange an interview for you, which we also prep you for. If the company decides to extend an offer, we’ll help streamline the process of getting you onto your fresh start. 

affordable resume services

A great career starts with a great resume. And we get it, putting together the perfect resume may be daunting. What do you include? What’s relevant and irrelevant? What skills should I highlight? These are questions we have the answers to. To jumpstart your career, we offer a Resume Building Service for only $150.

what’s included

30-Minute Consultation Call

A complete industry best resume, yours to keep.

48 Hour Turn Around

30 days of adjustments

what you provide

Work History

Extracurricular Activities and Volunteer Services

Strengths and Accomplishments

Contact Information

Professional Photo (Optional)


At Double Jack Industries, we specialize in the construction, architecture, and engineering industries.

Construction + Program management

Construction & Program Management professionals are our largest demand. Positions in commercial, transportation and industrial sectors are at an all time high.

We specialize in sourcing and placing Professional Engineers, Resident Engineers,Office Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Structures Representatives, Structures Inspectors, Construction Inspectors, Electrical Inspectors, Project Manager, and Program Managers, Rail Inspectors, Electrified Rail Professionals, etc. 

Engineering + Architecture

We place structural, civil, environmental, transportation and electrical engineers. We also scout architects, urban planners, and draftsmen.

supplier sales

There are thousands of  positions when it comes to supply chain and sales. For sales, we look for both B2B sales people and outside sales. For supply chain management, we place people in Project Engineer, Purchasing, Operations, and Resource Management positions. 

general + subcontractors

We work with California’s largest contractors associations, our relationships are far and wide with some of the biggest names in the industry and also a vast amount of smaller subs and generals looking to grow their teams. From Project management, superintendents, field engineers, estimators and procurement manager and interns, we have great tenure on this side of the business and our partners are always looking to expand.